Trusted Partners

Here at Doran, we know that strong relationships are key to our shared success. Subcontractors and vendors bring unique expertise and value to all our projects. Hear what some of our partners have to say about working with us.



“At AMC, we like to work with Doran on their jobs. Their jobs are clean and well organized. Everyone can be productive. With the shortage of labor today, it is very important to create a productive work site and the Doran people do so.”

– Bob Chamberland, Project Manager, Associated Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

“The Doran team treats everyone on their jobs fairly. They want us sub-contractors to be successful and profitable and they treat all of our employees with respect. They have a ‘let’s get it done’ and solution-oriented attitude that works for everyone.”

– Duane Stark, VP/ Operations Manager, Twin City Framers

“We think highly of Doran Companies. We feel they are one of the top-tier general contractors in the area. Their in-house architectural group provides very good sets of plans that are clear and understandable for construction. Even when clarification is required, the Doran team provides the answers very quickly.”

– Michael Gresser, CEO, Gresser Companies

“Doran Construction provides a very safe construction environment. They have daily safety meetings and safety consultants that independently review every job site. They even request OSHA to come to their projects to further review for safety. Our employees appreciate this effort.”

– Jason Ianfolla, President and CEO, Medina Electric

“We really enjoy working on Doran projects. Our union workers appreciate that the jobs are well run, clean and have high safety standards.”

– Allen Skogquist, Vice President, Northland Concrete & Masonry, LLC

“It doesn’t matter who you are or what company you work for, you are respected when you work on a Doran project. Regardless of where you came from, whether you are union or non-union, everyone on a Doran project is treated fairly and with respect.”

– Randy Schneewind, CEO, The Berg Group

“The Doran project teams run a good project. Their project managers and site superintendents are top notch. Everyone gets along on a Doran job.”

– Brock Iverson, General Manager, Berd Electric

“Our people love when Doran caters lunches to all of the on-site workers. Nothing like a warm meal on a cold day.”

– Jeff Lepinksi, Vice President, 360 Wall Systems, Inc.

“We have been working as a sub-contractor for Doran for many years. We know they appreciate us sub-contractors and they treat us fairly and always pay us on-time.”

– Ron Merritt, Owner, Above the Rest Floors and More