Kelly Doran

Founder and Principal
952-288-2000 | Email

As the founder and principal of the Doran Companies, Kelly has been involved in the real estate development business…

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John Wodele

VP / Marketing

John Wodele is Vice President of Marketing for the Doran Companies. In that role he is in charge of all marketing…

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Anne Behrendt

General Counsel

Anne serves as the General Counsel at Doran Companies. She is responsible for overseeing all legal matters affecting…

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Ryan Freese

VP / Architecture

Ryan serves as the Vice President of Architecture at Doran Companies. He graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture…

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Scott Casanova

VP / Major Projects

As Vice President of Major Projects, Scott applies his 25 years of experience and extensive range of skills…

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Ryan Kuznia

VP / Director of Operations

As Vice President / Director of Operations for Doran Construction, Ryan leads a team of project managers…

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Seazon Patterson


Seazon Patterson is Corporate Controller for Doran Companies. Her role includes working across the Doran family…

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Bruce Carlson

VP / Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development for Doran Construction, Bruce works with senior Doran Construction managers…

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Brad Nelson

VP / Student Housing

Brad Nelson is Vice President of Student Housing for the Doran Companies. He is responsible for monitoring expenditures…

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Al Reuvers

VP / Quality Control

Al Reuvers is Vice President of Quality Control for Doran Construction. Working directly with Doran project managers…

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Teya Rydrych

General Manager / Mill & Main

Teya Rydrych is General Manager of Mill & Main Luxury Apartments. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Teya has over 14 years…

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Dawn Kloeckner

Senior Director of Residential Leasing

Dawn Kloeckner, Senior Director of Leasing, is responsible for managing the leasing activities of all Doran Residential…

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Kevin Blanchard

VP / Student Housing Leasing

Kevin Blanchard is the Vice President / Student Housing Leasing. Prior to coming to Doran Companies…

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Nancy Manser

Director of Human Resources

As Director of Human Resources for the Doran Companies, Nancy works with staff at all levels to oversee and administer…

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Curt Martinson

Director of Business Development

As Director of Business Development for the Doran Companies’ family of businesses, Curt’s responsibilities…

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Jake Wodele

Director of Information Technology

Jake Wodele is responsible for the management of all information and communication technology…

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